Three years out of radiation / chemotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer, I was experiencing severe neck pain and cramps in the area that was radiated.  The frequency of the occurrence and the intensity of the pain were both increasing.  The medical diagnosis was that the pain was due to nerve and tissue damage caused by radiation.  The attending physician and physician’s assistant strongly advocated massage therapy and emphasized that the best results will come from a massage therapist trained in cranial and intra- oral massage.  In my search for a therapist in the Charlotte area with those credentials and extensive experience in performing such therapy was exasperating. 

A client of Adele’s suggested that I speak with her about my situation and goals.  My initial discussion left me with a very positive opinion and eager to have a session with Adele. Adele asked probing questions about treatment specifics, pain points, and level of pain, lifestyle and expectations. She then shared her relevant training and experience and recommended an approach to treating my condition. She was also sensitive to time and budget constraints.

The results of Adele’s work far exceeded my expectations both in terms of the time it took to feel the relief and the level of healing.  After two sessions, the intensity of the neck cramps that I was experiencing significantly waned. Within 3 weeks my tolerance for intra-oral (TMJ) massage was far improved and relief was evident.  Adele also instructed me on how to execute several exercises to mitigate the cramping.  I have been working with Adele for 4 months, now going for 75-minute sessions on alternating weeks and I continue to perform the prescribed exercises daily.  

The results of the work with Adele has also been noticed by my fellow golf partners.  

Life is good. 
Thanks Adele.

Jon B.  


Adele simply has magic in her hands! You know you're going to get the best massage ever as soon as she touches you. Do yourself a favor and put her on your monthly calendar!

Dodi W.

I have had on-going neck issues for over a year now. I see a chiropractor at least once a week, but it is only after a deep tissue massage from Adele that I have become pain free and that the chiropractic adjustments can hold. Adele has been my massage therapist for years and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Robynn Moraites
Executive Director, Lawyer Assistance Program at NC State Bar

Love Adele!! And highly recommend her (& have!) She is extremely professional and a very well trained massage therapist. I have used many over the years so I know what I'm talking about! She listened to my needs--and what my body told her. Her presence is calming and caring, and she is genuinely interested in your health (but doesn't talk through the whole massage either!) She is a weekly necessity to my overall heath and well being! I can't say enough good things about this wonderful professional.

Heidi B.


I was in terrible car accident and had serious pain due to whiplash. Adele was caring, warm and healing. I could not move prior to her visits and each one helped me on my road to recovery. He space was always inviting and relaxing. I have moved away, but based on my experience with Adele I continue with massage therapy for my well being. Thank you Adele for helping me recover.

Amy Bushnell
Director at La Calzada Centro de Arte


"The following is a personal commentary regarding the massage treatments for my Parkinson's Disease. I would like to start with acknowledging how focused and dedicated Adele is towards understanding my condition. I appreciate the time Adele takes to listen to my needs and concerns. Adele has really taken a genuine interest in my case and because of this I can honestly say I feel better.
I stay very busy with family obligations, volunteer work, daily chores, hobbies, assisting my husband with his business and managing my Parkinson's. As a result of this I develop a lot of stress. Adele's massage treatments allow me to relax, reflect, and release all of my inner stress... it is my time to heal. In addition to this, Adele's massage sessions help with the following:  

  1. The rigidity of my muscles on the right side of my body has lessened.
  2. The stiffness I feel in the lower part of my right leg and the stiffness in my right almost disappears after a session.
  3. Tremor in the right arm is less prominent.
  4. Motor skills in the right hand have improved
  5. I am able to de-stress

I have never experienced any discomfort and I truly believe the massage treatments have helped with maintaining a slower rate of progression. Adele, thank you for your efforts and support. Your service really plays an important role in the healing process of this disease."

Gloria Kontoulas


About five years ago I started experiencing difficulty running and just basic mobility. The pain in my lower legs was excruciating. Waking up in the morning and just trying to get ready for work was extremely painful to just plain walk. I had made an appointment with Dr Robert Anderson to see if in fact I had injured my Achilles or something. Dr. Anderson did notice the tendon was extremely enflamed and possibly a shot of some anti-inflammatory med could be an option though in his opinion he was not an advocate of this as a solution due to the risk of infection. His last suggestion was to see a therapist or someone that could work this out through some form of rehab. That's what led me to Adele. I explained to Adele where the pain was and the difficulty I had in running and playing my favorite sport - Softball. The first two visits were grueling; she immediately found numerous knots in both calves and proceeded to work them out while I was secretly trying to hold the screams back. After that first week I could get out of bed effortlessly without any grimacing pain. After the second week (2 visits again) I was back playing softball and exercising as if nothing had ever happened. If not for Dr Anderson making that suggestion I would never have understood the value of a great massage therapist as Adele. All I can say is try her once and you will always be a fan of her, not only professionally but also as a friend.

Jimmy Kontoulas
Custom Home Builder


My name is Monica Blevins and I have been a client of Adele's since 2010. I was referred to Adele by a co-worker in the Emergency Room that had been going to Adele for massage therapy for years and just said "she is the best". I agree. I always look forward to my massages with Adele. I have worked for the past ten years as a Physician Assistant in a variety of settings in the medical field. Initially I worked in surgery that required me to stand for over twelve hours a day. I had pain in my hips and upper back and neck. Massage therapy has helped me greatly. It has also been a great way to help reduce stress and help with relaxation as well. Adele always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to be around, we have become friends! Over the years I have worked swing shifts and Adele always worked with my schedule so I could still have my treatments. I always highly recommend her to my friends, family and co-workers that are looking for a massage therapist!

Physician Assistant


I started seeing Adele for massage in 2004 ....a stiff mess. I was seeing a Chiropractor for regular adjustments, but needed additional help with old, sore muscles. Lack of stretching and years of sports had me walking hunched over, dreading the first steps of the day. After our first couple of visits, I realized Adele was not like other massage therapists. Her knowledge of anatomy, intuitive sense of touch and relaxed approach kept me coming back. I committed to a monthly regime with Adele for years. I've never felt like a paycheck to Adele and that is a special thing in today's world. I look forward to our sessions and appreciate her friendship.

Dean Boylan
Salesman Arbon Equipment



"I have known Adele since 2004, having met her when she began her massage therapy career. My wife knew her first and introduced me to her as a caring, considerate and talented professional. My work involves long hours and can be emotionally as well as physically demanding. Adele's massages have become my monthly reward for this hard work and I leave refreshed in body, mind and spirit. You will not find anyone more concerned about your health and well-being. She is a role-model for Christian service. My recommendation is the highest I can provide for anyone."

Jim Hill
Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine